Monday, November 22, 2010


So... a lot has happened since the last post (obviously since the last post was a month ago). I attended a school award ceremony which I thought I wouldn't be able to go after the first year, I bought plane tickets to Seattle for Christmas (woohoo), and I got HACKED. These are just a few of the mundane, everyday occurances that I've been going through. My negligence to open the LOLASFLEAMARKET site is making me really guilty but the truth of the matter is that I need about 5 other me to do everything on top of the store website. I don't meant to be spewing angst right now but I think I really need a break. I'm SO counting down for Christmas. Are you?

p.s: sorry to my Korean readers(?) I don't have time to translate my posts anymore... maybe I should install one of those auto translate function?

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