Monday, January 23, 2012


Ever since I applied for graduation a couple of days ago, lately I have been thinking a lot about my future. What is it that I really want to do? Or what are my priorities? Since I was younger, I always had a strong personality. I knew what I wanted and when I wanted it. But now as reality is starting to sink in, I feel more and more overwhelmed with the responsibilities that I'm faced with. I'm at a constant struggle between whether or not to be a sell out? or just be myself... Although I'm not completely sure as to what I'll be doing 4 months from now, I'm ready to take risks while I'm still young! :D

This past weekend, I had a major pow wow session at the Strathcona Hotel with my friends. Although we see each other on a daily basis, I felt as though we didn't really have any time to sit down and really talk. This weekend was full of laughs, self-reflection and also time to bond closer together. 

Overall the hotel was really nice for its price tag. We were happy that the room was clean and that the floors were hardwood.

 The lobby area on each floor in front of the elevators.
 Breakfast!!! My favourite meal of the day! Honestly the breakfast was not that great but still thankful that it was included in the room rate!

Casual outfit for the outing: Sis's pom pom hat, mom's vintage fox fur scarf, Lux coat, Joe pants, Forever 21 acid wash hoodie, leather Converse, and SUKRIS bag.

The weather really sucked today as it was pouring rain for the entire day. Being a bad student, instead of going to school I just rolled around in bed all day until I made some banana bread. My sis is finally coming back home after 6 months and I'm super duper excited!!!! Hope to eat more, see more and wear more while she's around so I'll keep you posted. Well everyone 굿밤 :D~

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hola!!!! Happy late... New Year!!! I have been meaning to post more often... really I have! LOL 

So the last month has been very busy but fun. Right after exams I went to my motherland for the first time in about three years. There was definitely of eating, sleeping and chilling~ Unfortunately none of the pictures were taken with my camera so I will upload those pictures at a later date. 

This trip to Seoul was much more meaningful than my previous trips. Ever since my family immigrated to Canada about 20 years ago, the thought of going back to live in Korea never crossed my mind until recently. With the potential of going back to not only visit but rather to live there for a substantial period of time definitely changed my perspective in many ways. I was confused and challenged in various aspects and questioned if I would be able to integrate myself in the Korean society. There are still many uncertainties but I'm still young and I guess it's all part of a learning process... right?? 

My sister and I also visited Tokyo during my stay in Korea and it was time that we took a break from the frigid Korean winter. The weather was perfect and sunny during our four day visit. If there is one thing I can never get enough of is Japanese bread! OMG... still craving them... :(

So I'm one of those few people who never sets New Year's Resolutions... the reason? Because I know I won't be able to check them off my list at the end of the year. But I figured I would try to write down a couple of New Year's Resolutions this year and hopefully stick to them!
- eat healthy
- lose weight (seriously this Christmas break did some major! damage...)
- be opened to new opportunities
- try to network more often
- and lastly start something of your own
Unlike the previous years, I'm going to think positively and I will accomplish these by the end of the year! :D

So unfortunately my jetlag has been lasting perhaps a week too long and I'm still always tired... LOL Although I've been rolling around my apartment in pajamas most of the time, I managed to snap some of my outfits during the past couple of days. 

I never wear sweatpants in public cause I think they're gross but this day I was feeling waaaaayy to lazy to wear decent pants...
Wearing: vintage blazer, Joe sweater, Joe sweatpants, H&M shoes, vintage YSL purse, vintage fox fur scarf
 Ooohh! I got a haircut! It isn't that much more different than what I had before other than the fact that it's about 4 inches shorter.
Wearing: vintage fox fur scarf, vintage blazer, Joe sweater
Wearing: H&M coat, leather Converse, Joe Pants, Joe sweater, leather SUKRIS bag