Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hongdae is always fun. Especially with friends. 

Three hungry girls in Hongdae

Eating brunch in Myeondong :) 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Industrial Design Biennale

I had no idea that Korea had so many wonderful art exhibitions! I was super psyched when I got to see William Morris' original prints and furniture. It's too bad that they didn't have any labels beside the pieces but my eyes were definitely stimulated all day that day. 

 Beautiful traditional Korean robe
 I really wanted this chair! Love the butterfly print

 Who cares about comfort when you can have these cool looking benches?

 With the amount of clothes thrown out every year, I wouldn't be surprised if the underground ends up looking like this.

Countless ceramic doll heads!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


So... i did it again... disappeared for weeks and no one's noticed... well despite the fact that no one ever notices my presence i do apologize for not posting. The last couple of weeks have been really REALLY hectic. After each semester I always think that it couldn't possibly get worse but it always does. Surprising as what the human body can accomplish! This past couple of days I have spent every minute of free time marking assignments for my TA position. I feel like my eyes are going to bleed!!!!! I can't wait for a well deserved break... why does Dec 15th feel so far away?! Anyways here are some pictures for ages ago that I have been meaning to upload.

So the Bay has gone through some major renos and this cute artisan cafe was part of it. Unfortunately I could not take any pictures of the place due to the unfriendly sales associates... :(
Some macarons... they weren't as good as I thought they were going to be. The price was alright though... I think about $2 each? But the flavours were not distinct enough... and the salted caramel had a really bad bitter after taste. Definitely will not be going back...
 Steak and frites with salad at Utopia... Delish! :D wish I could have this everyday...
 My mom had a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fries.
 Dad with Utopia burger and 10 billion toppings! Definitely worth the $$$$
The weather has been really iffy in Toronto for the past few weeks. The severe temperatures have left me with a minor cold all the time and an inconsistent emotional meter... it is almost virtually impossible to dress properly for the weather! When I go on my balcony to check the weather, some are wearing Canada Goose jackets while some are wearing t-shirts... WTF??!
 Wearing: Vintage jacket, clutch, Club Monaco scarf, pants, joe boots
 Wearing: Vintage blazer, Club Monaco pants, Joe shirt, loafers
Wearing: Joe military jacket, jean jacket, H&M shirt, Club Monaco pants, mom's belt, vintage bag, shoes, SUKRIS scarf

Oh btw, I don't know if it's because of the holiday spirit but I was at work the other day and got someone some chairs for their conference. He stopped me and asked to shake my hand... WTF??! 굳밤!~

Monday, November 7, 2011

Karl in Korea

I got to see some great photographs by Karl Lagerfeld this past weekend. Work in Progress was a compilation of both commercial and his person pieces. I was trying to get a shot of one the canvas photo montage, but the security was pretty tight in the small art museum. But seriously, who would've thought that I'd get to see Karl Lagerfeld's original photographs for only $5 in Korea? 

 At the Bauhaus-esque stairway. 
Karl glowing at the entrance.
I was going to buy the Work in Progress book but I didn't really wanna pay 35000won...
The Chanel logo face mask that Freja's wearing is such a good DIY idea. 
 In order to use the photobooth people had to sign up. Unfortunately, the list was pretty long by the time I got there. Oh well... maybe next time.

Awesome photobooth pics. Love Freja :)