Monday, November 7, 2011

Karl in Korea

I got to see some great photographs by Karl Lagerfeld this past weekend. Work in Progress was a compilation of both commercial and his person pieces. I was trying to get a shot of one the canvas photo montage, but the security was pretty tight in the small art museum. But seriously, who would've thought that I'd get to see Karl Lagerfeld's original photographs for only $5 in Korea? 

 At the Bauhaus-esque stairway. 
Karl glowing at the entrance.
I was going to buy the Work in Progress book but I didn't really wanna pay 35000won...
The Chanel logo face mask that Freja's wearing is such a good DIY idea. 
 In order to use the photobooth people had to sign up. Unfortunately, the list was pretty long by the time I got there. Oh well... maybe next time.

Awesome photobooth pics. Love Freja :)

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