Monday, November 22, 2010


So... a lot has happened since the last post (obviously since the last post was a month ago). I attended a school award ceremony which I thought I wouldn't be able to go after the first year, I bought plane tickets to Seattle for Christmas (woohoo), and I got HACKED. These are just a few of the mundane, everyday occurances that I've been going through. My negligence to open the LOLASFLEAMARKET site is making me really guilty but the truth of the matter is that I need about 5 other me to do everything on top of the store website. I don't meant to be spewing angst right now but I think I really need a break. I'm SO counting down for Christmas. Are you?

p.s: sorry to my Korean readers(?) I don't have time to translate my posts anymore... maybe I should install one of those auto translate function?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


OMG I realized that I haven't posted anything in so long. It's not that I've forgotten all about the blog, it's just that school is consuming my life right now. On top of that I now have two jobs. Bravo. I've just dug myself a grave.

Friday, October 1, 2010

By the Window

나는 지금 하는 일이 두개있다. 롤라의 벼룩시장 그리고 대학 도서관 사진자료실.
내 사무실은 작다. 하지만 사진자료실 사무실중엔 내 사무실만 창문이 있다. 그래서 다른 직원들은 부러워한다. 뭐 그리 좋은 전망이 있는것도 아니지만. 지금은 햇빛도 들도 따뜻해서 좋지만 겨울엔 추울것 같다. 사진자료실은 사람들이 거의 없어 항상 조용한곳. 그래서 너무 편하고 좋다. 일하면서 음악도 듣구 머핀도 먹구 ㅋㅋ. 어쩔땐 사진감상이라 생각하며 일할때도 있다. 정말 이사무실은 내 아지트이다. 마음같에서는 집에있는 날로나 커피포트등 가지고 와서 살림을 차리고 싶지만 매일 오지않기 때문에 그건 조금 오버인거 같다 ㅋㅋ.

I have two jobs right now: Lola's Fleamarket and imaging assistant at a university library.
My office is small. BUT only my office has a window in the imaging department so it's pretty special even though I don't have the greatest view (a demolished building) lol. It's sunny right now so the room's pretty warm but I know it's going to be cold during winter.
There's almost always no one in here so it's really quiet in the image archive room. I love the quietness. It's so peaceful and I do whatever I want when I'm working. I listen to music and eat muffins lol. Sometimes I don't even feel like I'm working but rather having a wonderful time looking through amazing photographs. I really do love my work and my office. I want to personalize the space by bring a mini heater and a coffee pot but I think I'd feel a little silly making it more homey than my actual home.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I kept asking my dad, "Why are these squids so orange?"
Mom: "We need a getaway."
Sister: "Where to?"
Mom: "Anywhere but here."
Sister: "True dat!"

단풍놀이가기 좋은 날에 우리가족은 차이나타운에있는 베트남 음식점을 찾았다. 쌀쌀한 날엔베트남국수가 최고! 어쩌다 정작 베트남국수는 동생만 시키고 우린 다른거 먹었다. 배부르게 먹고 Queens St.를 걸었는데 볼것도 없고 바람도 차고 해서 집에 와서 낮잠잔 오늘. 그래도 가족끼리 나가서 먹고 얘기하고 웃고 그런게 얼마만인지. 더 자주 그래야겠다. 

It was an amazing day for a fall picnic but instead we headed to a Viet restaurant in China town lol. Pho tastes more awesome on a chilly day I think. Only my sister ended up eating pho and the rest of us opted for something random. After stuffing our faces, it decided to walk it off on Queen St. but the wind was chilly and shopping quickly got boring so I just came back home and took a nap. Such a random day! But it's been awhile since our family did something together like this. Eating, talking, and laughing. We should do this more often. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dripbook Faves

요즘 갑자기 노랑머리가 땡긴다 ㅋㅋ. 나도 탈색할까?

I've been craving blond hair lately (I know, SO random). Should I bleach my hair?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Late Lunch

간만에 따뜻한 햇살아래 걷는 기분은 조금 짱인듯 후훗. 우린 고픈 배를 움켜 잡으며 Utopia로 향했다. 연어스크렘블과 유명한 Utopia나초를 시켰다. 양도 맛도 대박! ㅋㅋ. 둘이서 4인분을 해치운뒤 가게구경 사람구경... 이동네 더 자주와야겠다 :)

It was so nice to walk under the warm sunlight. We dragged our hungry selves to our new face place, Utopia. Ordered salmon scrambled eggs and the infamous Utopia nachos. They gave us so much food and everything tasted amazing. I think the two of us finished four people's worth of food lol. After being completely maxed out, we wondered around the area shop and people watching. Love this street :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Never Ending Adventures

요즘은 너무 바빠서 어떻게 하루가 가는지 모르겠다. 사진찍을 시간도 없어 돌아다닐때 틈틈이 찍는다. 롤라의 벼룩시장 오프닝이 연장됐다 ㅜ_ㅠ 마음같에서는 오늘이라도 열고 싶지만 조금씩 튜닝해야 할것들이 너무 많다. 그래도 더 열심히해서 멋있는 사이트를 선보일테니 조금만 wait please~

I've been so busy lately I don't even know how the days go by. My sister and I try to take pictures when we're walking around to save time. I'm sad to admit that the opening of Lola's Flearmarket has been delayed. Obviously I want to open it right now but there so many nitty gritty things that needs improvement. We just want to do our best to make the best site possible for people to see :) Please wait a little longer because it is coming soon! (I know I've said that before lol).

Thursday, September 9, 2010


내가 요즘 너무나 갖고싶은 아이템들 <3

Here are some pieces that I've been eyeing lately...
(from top left) Alexander Wang Daria small duffle bag,  Proenza Schoular BTN blazer, Rachel Comey Penpal heeled short boot, Jerome Dreyfuss Billy, Wayne Men's cardigan, Acne Realites Patchwork sweater, Rachel Comey Wyatt top, Opening Ceremony Lace up boot clog.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


업데이트한지 조금 됐는데 그 사이에 많은 변화가 있었다. 날씨가 갑자기 추워지고 앞머리는 더이상 안자라서 너무 말썽이다. 캐나다의 변덕스런 날씨는 오래살아도 적응이 안될때가 많다. 저번주엔 일하면서 땀을 너무 많이 흘려 고생했건만 지금은 발이 시렵다. 
동생이랑 자주가는 treasure dump (보물 쓰레기장)을 갔다왔다. 조잡스런 것이 많은 이곳은 내눈을 즐겁게 한다. 특이한 사람들도 자주 볼수있다. 제봉틀과 옷장을 사고 싶었으나 지금 사는 집은 작아서 둘곳도 없다. 둘다 그냥 두고 오기엔 너무나 아까운 물건들이었다. 빨리 이사를 가던가 해야지... 
간만에 맥도날드에서 배를 채운 뒤 집으로 가는데 왠 거쎈 바람이 그렇게 불던지. 내 작은 눈에 먼지를 들어가게 한 나쁜 바람!

It's been awhile since I've last updated and quite a few things have happened. The temperature suddenly dropped and my bangs refused to grow giving me grief. It doesn't matter how long you live in Canada the weather here is so finicky that it's very difficult to get used to. Last week I was sweating in sweltering heat while working and now my feet are freezing. 
I went to a place I call treasure dump with my sister not too long ago. It's got lots of useless nicknacks that I like to look through and I often run into super weirds who are amusing to converse with. I wanted the sewing machine and the closet so badly but unfortunately there's no room in my small apartment. Those things lingered in my mind and I still regret just leaving them there. I must move soon to a bigger place! That's my humble wish lol.
After filling our stomachs at McDonald's we headed back home only to be tackled by the crazy wind! How dare it blew millions of little dusts into my small beady eyes.