Friday, September 17, 2010

Never Ending Adventures

요즘은 너무 바빠서 어떻게 하루가 가는지 모르겠다. 사진찍을 시간도 없어 돌아다닐때 틈틈이 찍는다. 롤라의 벼룩시장 오프닝이 연장됐다 ㅜ_ㅠ 마음같에서는 오늘이라도 열고 싶지만 조금씩 튜닝해야 할것들이 너무 많다. 그래도 더 열심히해서 멋있는 사이트를 선보일테니 조금만 wait please~

I've been so busy lately I don't even know how the days go by. My sister and I try to take pictures when we're walking around to save time. I'm sad to admit that the opening of Lola's Flearmarket has been delayed. Obviously I want to open it right now but there so many nitty gritty things that needs improvement. We just want to do our best to make the best site possible for people to see :) Please wait a little longer because it is coming soon! (I know I've said that before lol).

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