Sunday, September 26, 2010


I kept asking my dad, "Why are these squids so orange?"
Mom: "We need a getaway."
Sister: "Where to?"
Mom: "Anywhere but here."
Sister: "True dat!"

단풍놀이가기 좋은 날에 우리가족은 차이나타운에있는 베트남 음식점을 찾았다. 쌀쌀한 날엔베트남국수가 최고! 어쩌다 정작 베트남국수는 동생만 시키고 우린 다른거 먹었다. 배부르게 먹고 Queens St.를 걸었는데 볼것도 없고 바람도 차고 해서 집에 와서 낮잠잔 오늘. 그래도 가족끼리 나가서 먹고 얘기하고 웃고 그런게 얼마만인지. 더 자주 그래야겠다. 

It was an amazing day for a fall picnic but instead we headed to a Viet restaurant in China town lol. Pho tastes more awesome on a chilly day I think. Only my sister ended up eating pho and the rest of us opted for something random. After stuffing our faces, it decided to walk it off on Queen St. but the wind was chilly and shopping quickly got boring so I just came back home and took a nap. Such a random day! But it's been awhile since our family did something together like this. Eating, talking, and laughing. We should do this more often. 

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