Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today was a pretty good day! Did some more self reflection and had my HR class. Although I'm not an HR major, I really feel like this class is almost therapeutic for me. The people just seem much nicer! I was supposed to work on my project with one of the friends but just ended up having a major pow wow session. We were pretty much the only ones still left in the food court... ummm about 2 hours after the mall closed... ooops! Thanks to Christine for always listening to me... really means a lot. The weather here has been really funky lately so dressing up has been either a hit or miss. The last couple of days I had been overdressing for the weather but I think I was a little underdressed today... oh well what can you do. 
Wearing: vintage Celine shirt (DIY spangles), Club Monaco pants

Although I hardly ever accessorize just cause I'm waaaaayy to lazy I decided I should add some flavour to my dull life. My sister made this bracelet out of baked clay for one of her courses. But I'm pretty sure because this was a prototype it was never worn out in public until today. It's got a tribal motif and the red accent makes it quirky.
Wearing: sister's bracelet, dad's vintage Yves Saint Laurent watch, Club Monaco bracelet

I absolutely love my dad's Yves watch. The design is so classic and I haven't been able to find anything like this yet. Definitely a timeless piece. 

I also got another take home gift from the World Tourism Day conference yesterday, courtesy of Steph. 
TREATS!!! I have been really trying to watch what I'm eating. Trying... is the key word. I really want to take away all the instant food in my life!!! (sigh***) only if it were that easy. Well I better prepare myself for another busy, fun-filled day. 

PS: random fact of the day, I absolutely hate it when pigeons flutter their wings, it scares the shit out of me... 굿밤!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tourism, Cupcakes and oops... calculators

Oh man... this is bad... i know... i haven't been able to post in um.... forever! School and work has been keeping me very occupied. (sigh***) can't wait until graduation!!!! So today I decided to do a friend a favour by going to the World Tourism Day event at my school sponsored by my faculty. It was actually really well planned out and the speakers were more enlightening than I thought. The CEO of luminato came to speak and what she said was really inspiring. The take home gifts were cupcakes with the World Tourism Day logo printed on the chocolates. The cupcakes weren't the greatest but meh... at least they were free.  The last couple of weeks were so hectic. Lots of sleepless nights, pass outs on the bed and late, late, nights. I always wondered... if I work like 120 hour weeks now, what would it be like if I ran my own business? I can't wait to start something of my own. The risk and the chance of failing always scares me but I think that the thought of having something of my own excites me more than anything. Also because my sis isn't here I haven't had anyone to take pictures of my outfits, so I have really sketchy pictures taken by me in the elevator... -_-;;; sorry! So I have been repeating a lot of my outfits in the last couple of days... here are some of them.

 I thought I would pull out my Club Monaco skort that I have had in my closet FOREVER!
My outfit today was pretty much endorsed by Joe... ^^
I took the red velvet cupcake as the take home gift and the cupcake itself didn't taste so bad but the icing was too sweet... :(
 I guess I can't really complain, thanks for the cupcakes Steph! :D All in all it was a pretty productive day today... well better get some rest for another day! 굿밤~~

oh PS: So I saw a man on the subway talking to his "mom" on the "phone" until I realized that his "phone" said CASIO on it... WTF??!!! he was talking on the calculator to no one... :(

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Day

hello hello!!! another beautiful day in the T.O. The weather was super duper cool today and it was absolutely the perfect fall day. As much as I don't want to admit, I think my emotions depend largely on the weather. I was happy all day long despite my disgusting allergies which still haven't seemed to leave me alone. Although I had a nasally voice for the entire day (sorry to those who had to put up with me today... I sincerely apologize...), I did all the necessary tasks such as shopping!! :D

Shopping is therapy!!! 

For those who are depressed in the world, shop till you drop!

I bought a couple of jackets for my dad and some boots for myself. These boots were such a steal that I'm still beaming from buying them. I had been meaning to buy a pair of boots like these for a long time, but being the "budget-conscious shopper" aka "cheap" I had been putting it off for awhile until I got these at Joe Fresh. 

 I know what you're thinking... does she really need two of the same boots? And my answer is YES!!! I learned from my sis that once you see something you like, milk them like mad! The heels are the perfect height, not too high, but just enough to make your legs look long and slim!~ They are super comfy and perfect for the fall and winter before it snows.

I also tried to take a picture of my outfit in the elevator... I know epic FAIL! I don't why I did that... here's the picture that remotely turned out the best out of countless pics I took.

When my sis first bought these redish, orangish pants, I thought she was absolutely crazy. But now after wearing them as part of my everyday "uniform" for the past couple of months, I've come to love them. They are super comfy and go well with pretty much everything like a boyfriend blazer or a nice vintage trench coat. Although my eyes feel like they are already bleeding from reading countless academic journals, off I go to do some more research... 굳밤!!! :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Self Assessment

So like every year when school starts, I get really busy and stressed; hence, the lack of postings. The first week of school flew by that I wasn't really able to catch my breath before the second week started. Although it is definitely far from my first year of school, I seem to be more anxious and motivated to do well. Seeing as it is my last year, the number question that I get from people is "What are you planning on doing after you graduate?" My recent answer to that has been, "I'm not sure."

I have been doing a lot of self assessments and taking time to reflect upon the results of my decisions. I have been learning more and more about myself and where I want to direct my future. People find it shocking when I tell bluntly that I no longer want to work in the industry. If the average person goes through about 8-15 occupations in their lifetime, how can I possibly make the right decision now as to what my future career will be? After many uncomfortable and irritating days, I have come to one conclusion; I don't know what I'll be doing in the future but one things for certain, it must make me happy. 

Despite the slightly gloomy mood, I have been accomplishing my New Year's Resolution finally one step at a time. I have been diligently packing my lunch everyday! I forgot to take a picture of it today but I will soon. I mean, mine looks pretty good, but I wish it would look like this everyday. 

image courtesy of crumb blog.

Oh, I have been saving up to go to Korea for Christmas which I'm super duper excited about. I haven't bought my plane ticket yet, nevertheless, it will be an epic trip!!!!! With hopes for a better tomorrow... 굳밤! 

PS: latest craze song... in heaven

Monday, September 5, 2011

School is like Gluten

Hmmm... unfortunately I have already started to procrastinated and didn't post anything for the past couple of days. I'm terribly sorry and I apologize. With this whole craze about gluten free products, I have been meaning to try gluten free bread. Don't get me wrong, I don't have celiacs and I LOVE bread but just wanted to try something new. I went to Noah's and bought Bob Mill's gluten free Chocolate Cake Mix. Just like any other cake mix, it's really simple to make. All you need to do is add creamed butter, milk, eggs, and boiling water and voila, you have gluten free chocolate cake! I must admit, as I was stirring all of the ingredients together it smelled very grassy, like a whole bunch of herbs and grass mixed together with organic cocoa powder. It said on the package to bake for about 40 minutes, but I don't know if there was something wrong with my oven but I ended up baking it for about an hour. When it came out, I was pleasantly surprised and because I was too eager to eat it, I don't have a picture of the beautiful cake straight out of the oven. :(
Sorry for the really ugly plate. I promise I will try to purchase more pretty things instead of practical items. The picture doesn't do it any justice but it was actually really tasty. I don't normally say things that are healthy taste good, but this was a pleasant surprise. I also added a blueberry cream cheese spread to my cake which complimented it perfectly. I think it's cake mix is a really good alternative to those who have gluten allergy. It had a good texture and tasted like real bread. If you wanted to have this a vegan recipe, you could substitute the butter, milk and eggs for vegan alternatives.

Eating the last of my frozen blueberries that I had freshly picked at the blueberry farm up in Barrie made me a little sad to know that summer was over. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new semester and oddly enough, I guess even the weather knew that. It was suddenly much cooler today (15 degrees Celcius) and it seems like it will stay like that for the rest of the week. I took all my long-sleeves out and was happy to be in my blazer which I haven't been able to wear all summer. 
This semester I'm trying to make it my goal to eat and live healthy. Last semester I did so much damage to my body that I feel like it's time for me to take care of it. Once I find more gluten free recipes, I want to go on a month gluten free diet. Speaking of gluten free, school is like gluten, something that SHOULD be taken out of your life. Everyone 굳밤!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finger Lickin Good

This week, unlike the last couple of weeks hasn't been particularly fun. It wasn't filled with twirling in a room for fun, eating for fun and well lets just say doing anything... for fun. There was a lot of moving, using brain cells, and well working involved. Thankfully to take a break from all the stress and absolute non-sense, my friend and I went out for some wings at Duff's. A great place by College and Bathurst in Toronto where the honey garlic wings are to die for! Unfortunately I was too busy eating and was not able to take a snapshot of the wings, but instead I will post a pic of the store which I found on the Internet (courtesy of BlogTO).

The chicken wings were VERY good, and there was a lot of finger lickin involved. However, after this large unhealthy meal, I promised myself I would pay more attention to my diet. I REALLY need to start eating healthy. This too, has been on my "to do" list since birth and well... I haven't been progressing too well on this. It's because there are just way too many delicious things in this world that aren't particularly too good for your arteries, blood pressure, cholesterol and other things that sound somewhat medical. But it's time that I take care of my own health. Hopefully, this time my self-discipline will prevail! Well until then "live, eat, and be merry!" 굳밤!~