Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tourism, Cupcakes and oops... calculators

Oh man... this is bad... i know... i haven't been able to post in um.... forever! School and work has been keeping me very occupied. (sigh***) can't wait until graduation!!!! So today I decided to do a friend a favour by going to the World Tourism Day event at my school sponsored by my faculty. It was actually really well planned out and the speakers were more enlightening than I thought. The CEO of luminato came to speak and what she said was really inspiring. The take home gifts were cupcakes with the World Tourism Day logo printed on the chocolates. The cupcakes weren't the greatest but meh... at least they were free.  The last couple of weeks were so hectic. Lots of sleepless nights, pass outs on the bed and late, late, nights. I always wondered... if I work like 120 hour weeks now, what would it be like if I ran my own business? I can't wait to start something of my own. The risk and the chance of failing always scares me but I think that the thought of having something of my own excites me more than anything. Also because my sis isn't here I haven't had anyone to take pictures of my outfits, so I have really sketchy pictures taken by me in the elevator... -_-;;; sorry! So I have been repeating a lot of my outfits in the last couple of days... here are some of them.

 I thought I would pull out my Club Monaco skort that I have had in my closet FOREVER!
My outfit today was pretty much endorsed by Joe... ^^
I took the red velvet cupcake as the take home gift and the cupcake itself didn't taste so bad but the icing was too sweet... :(
 I guess I can't really complain, thanks for the cupcakes Steph! :D All in all it was a pretty productive day today... well better get some rest for another day! 굿밤~~

oh PS: So I saw a man on the subway talking to his "mom" on the "phone" until I realized that his "phone" said CASIO on it... WTF??!!! he was talking on the calculator to no one... :(

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