Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finger Lickin Good

This week, unlike the last couple of weeks hasn't been particularly fun. It wasn't filled with twirling in a room for fun, eating for fun and well lets just say doing anything... for fun. There was a lot of moving, using brain cells, and well working involved. Thankfully to take a break from all the stress and absolute non-sense, my friend and I went out for some wings at Duff's. A great place by College and Bathurst in Toronto where the honey garlic wings are to die for! Unfortunately I was too busy eating and was not able to take a snapshot of the wings, but instead I will post a pic of the store which I found on the Internet (courtesy of BlogTO).

The chicken wings were VERY good, and there was a lot of finger lickin involved. However, after this large unhealthy meal, I promised myself I would pay more attention to my diet. I REALLY need to start eating healthy. This too, has been on my "to do" list since birth and well... I haven't been progressing too well on this. It's because there are just way too many delicious things in this world that aren't particularly too good for your arteries, blood pressure, cholesterol and other things that sound somewhat medical. But it's time that I take care of my own health. Hopefully, this time my self-discipline will prevail! Well until then "live, eat, and be merry!" 굳밤!~

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