Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Obsession: Quinoa

So I have been meaning to eat healthy... really I have! It has been my New Years Resolution for the last umm.... 5 years? Anyways, my new obsession has been quinoa. First of all, who new that it was part of the Swiss chard family? For the entire time that I've known about quinoa, I always thought it was some type of grain. I guess I was wrong. Because of it's neutral flavor it goes well with pretty much anything. I tried it patties, just by itself, in salads and even made bread with it! 

So this is the tart that I made today with quinoa. Eggs, butter, sugar, and corn flour, salt, baking powder and some LOVE! (sigh**) I really want to try to reduce my intake of sugar. But two minutes later I see my hand in a box of cereal or cookies. Such a bad habit. I also want to try to perhaps add sweetness to my cooking by using other sweetening agents such as agave syrup or honey. This semester I WILL EAT HEALTHY! Everyone 굳밤!~

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