Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today was a lovely day of just doing nothing. Don't you just love those days? I spent the entire day eating and chilling on my bed which may have been for the better because the weather was awfully hot unlike the other day. I found this blog called b for bonnie and found pictures of these wonderful hotels. 

I always have a rant session when it comes to hotels and traveling. Because this is what I study, for some weird reason I always felt the need to have a better discount or an advantage when it comes to these two things. While studying my ass off, unfortunately I have had only two occasions where I have been outside the country during my four years and personally these shouldn't count because they were visiting relatives. All I want to do is travel! Is that so much to ask for? And the answer is apparently... yes. 

I'm sure it is difficult to for many to get a full-time job but those in this industry it becomes even more difficult. Most of the time people don't even know what we study, why we study it, and how it will become useful in the future. If there is one thing that I want to emphasize at an interview it's that I'm just like any other business student, don't try to rip me off of my money. Anyways I'll save that rant for another day...

So first trip of the day will take you to Athens, Greece where you will be immersed in loads of color.

Second trip of the day is to Massachusetts where modern meets elegance. Man... I would love to stay in this hotel for a couple of days!

Hope to be staying at these hotels sometime soon, but for the mean time I'll be staying at Broadway Ave... everyone 굳밤!

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