Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tornado Warning??

So lately the weather in Toronto has been just jacked up. There have been slight earthquakes, rain and sun at the same time, and abnormally cool weather. And the finale tonight... a tornado warning??!! Well hopefully everyone has a safe and sound evening... 

So my skin has once again not been behaving very well and I decided that it was time to put it back into shape. I found the Neutrogena wave on sale at Shoppers Drugmart and being the "budget conscious" shopper, I felt that it was my duty to respond to the call. Personally, I'm a very skeptical shopper, but I was pleasantly surprised when the Neutrogena wave worked like a charm. Your face truly feels soft after one use and it doesn't hurt or damage your skin. All in all, at the end of the night, it was a big two thumbs up! I also bought a Vichy kit that all sorts of goodies... enough shopping for me.

 A sample size Vichy sunscreen along with Vichy foundation sample. Unfortunately, this color doesn't accommodate my Asian face...
My lovely purchases! Such an accomplished day!
 My lovely vintage clutch along with some necessities. I know... I still have a "dumbphone." I truly love old stuff... whether it is old phones or old iPods... Today was a looonnngg day with "not-so-fun-overly-repetitive" training at work. Oh well at least it's paid for... anyways hope everyone has a safe night. 굳밤!~

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