Monday, August 29, 2011

TTC (Torontonians Talking Cr*p)

Today was a pretty normal day. Skyped with my roomie, ate Corn Flakes for breakfast and chilled before I had to go to work. Unfortunately because I have been a cheap ass for the past couple of months, I haven't been buying the metropass religiously which has limited me in many ways. Now that school's starting up, I made the big investment and went forth in buying the metropass... too bad I have to wait another 3 days prior to being able to use this. 

So to make up for the extra thin plastic that you thought you should have bought, the TTC provides you with little coins that are these really-expensive-to-make-expensive-to-buy tokens and look like a smaller size of a toonie. Excited to go work to catch up with all the people that I haven't seen for the past 4 months, I put my token in the machine... why was I not let in the station? So I call one of the workers... his response, "I didn't see you put in your token." Are you for aofi****dlfadkflja realz? I was clearly not happy... and was going to start an argument before I saw a metro security coming my way... wasted two tokens in getting work and waited 10 mins for the subway... all in all NOT HAPPY!!! This is the very reason why torontonians always are talking crap about TTC... 

On a lighter note, I found this set of toothbrushes that I really want. Btw, I have a huge fetish for colour organized things. Everytime I go to Sugar Mountain, I have to buy almost every flavour of jelly bellies whether or not I like them because they are all colour coated!!!! Yup, random fact of the day...

Oh I have a new dilemma... 굳밤 or 굿밤? That is the question.

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