Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today was a pretty good day! Did some more self reflection and had my HR class. Although I'm not an HR major, I really feel like this class is almost therapeutic for me. The people just seem much nicer! I was supposed to work on my project with one of the friends but just ended up having a major pow wow session. We were pretty much the only ones still left in the food court... ummm about 2 hours after the mall closed... ooops! Thanks to Christine for always listening to me... really means a lot. The weather here has been really funky lately so dressing up has been either a hit or miss. The last couple of days I had been overdressing for the weather but I think I was a little underdressed today... oh well what can you do. 
Wearing: vintage Celine shirt (DIY spangles), Club Monaco pants

Although I hardly ever accessorize just cause I'm waaaaayy to lazy I decided I should add some flavour to my dull life. My sister made this bracelet out of baked clay for one of her courses. But I'm pretty sure because this was a prototype it was never worn out in public until today. It's got a tribal motif and the red accent makes it quirky.
Wearing: sister's bracelet, dad's vintage Yves Saint Laurent watch, Club Monaco bracelet

I absolutely love my dad's Yves watch. The design is so classic and I haven't been able to find anything like this yet. Definitely a timeless piece. 

I also got another take home gift from the World Tourism Day conference yesterday, courtesy of Steph. 
TREATS!!! I have been really trying to watch what I'm eating. Trying... is the key word. I really want to take away all the instant food in my life!!! (sigh***) only if it were that easy. Well I better prepare myself for another busy, fun-filled day. 

PS: random fact of the day, I absolutely hate it when pigeons flutter their wings, it scares the shit out of me... 굿밤!

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