Sunday, November 20, 2011


So... i did it again... disappeared for weeks and no one's noticed... well despite the fact that no one ever notices my presence i do apologize for not posting. The last couple of weeks have been really REALLY hectic. After each semester I always think that it couldn't possibly get worse but it always does. Surprising as what the human body can accomplish! This past couple of days I have spent every minute of free time marking assignments for my TA position. I feel like my eyes are going to bleed!!!!! I can't wait for a well deserved break... why does Dec 15th feel so far away?! Anyways here are some pictures for ages ago that I have been meaning to upload.

So the Bay has gone through some major renos and this cute artisan cafe was part of it. Unfortunately I could not take any pictures of the place due to the unfriendly sales associates... :(
Some macarons... they weren't as good as I thought they were going to be. The price was alright though... I think about $2 each? But the flavours were not distinct enough... and the salted caramel had a really bad bitter after taste. Definitely will not be going back...
 Steak and frites with salad at Utopia... Delish! :D wish I could have this everyday...
 My mom had a grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fries.
 Dad with Utopia burger and 10 billion toppings! Definitely worth the $$$$
The weather has been really iffy in Toronto for the past few weeks. The severe temperatures have left me with a minor cold all the time and an inconsistent emotional meter... it is almost virtually impossible to dress properly for the weather! When I go on my balcony to check the weather, some are wearing Canada Goose jackets while some are wearing t-shirts... WTF??!
 Wearing: Vintage jacket, clutch, Club Monaco scarf, pants, joe boots
 Wearing: Vintage blazer, Club Monaco pants, Joe shirt, loafers
Wearing: Joe military jacket, jean jacket, H&M shirt, Club Monaco pants, mom's belt, vintage bag, shoes, SUKRIS scarf

Oh btw, I don't know if it's because of the holiday spirit but I was at work the other day and got someone some chairs for their conference. He stopped me and asked to shake my hand... WTF??! 굳밤!~

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