Thursday, August 12, 2010

Berry Berry in My Tummy

처음으로 블루베리를 따러갔다. 딸기는 많이 따러가봤는데 블루베리는 처음이었다. 열매는 기대이상이었고 수확의 기쁨은 두배였다. 원래는 안돼지만 몇게 먹었는데 정~말 맛있었다. 엄마는 벌레가 없다며 신기해 했고 동생은 여기 다시 꼭 와야됀다며 중얼거렸다.
진짜 웃긴건 한시간넘께 걸려 갔는데 막상 농장에서는 한시간도 안있었다.
아무런 계획없이 갔지만 재밌었고 내생에서 오늘 블루베리를 재일 많이 먹었다. 블루베리를 안따본 사람들한테는 강추!

I've gone strawberry picking many times but picking blueberries was a first today. The berries were really big but the joy of picking them was even bigger. We weren't supposed to eat them in the field but I had a couple lol. They were SOOO good. I've always liked blueberries but after today I officially love them! My mom was amazed that the blueberry bushes were insect free and my sister was busy mumbling how we have to come back again for another picking session.
It's funny because it took us more than an hour to get to the farm but we were there for less an hour. We went unplanned but this experience turned out to be a lot of fun and I don't think I have ever eaten so many blueberries in my life. I definitely recommend this for those who have never gone :)

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