Wednesday, August 18, 2010


아직 다간건 아니지만 2010년도는 어느해보다 빨리 가고있는거같다. 앨범을 정리하다가 이것저것 찾았다.

It's crazy how fast time travels. I think 2010 is going by faster than any other year. After looking through my album I found a whole bunch of random images that I like.

요즘엔 잘안갔는데 한때는 베트남식당에 진짜 많이갔다. 바로 요놈들 때문. 너무너무 맞있는 베트남씩 닭고기바베큐. 중국음식다음으로 싼 베트남쌈이나 바베큐는 허기잘지는 나에겐 소중한 음식이었다. 아니 지금도 그렇다. ㅋㅋ.

It's been awhile but I used to go eat Vietnemese chicken barbeque all the time. Seriously, they're SO good! Because they're the cheapest food next to Chinese, they're perfect for people who get hungry easily (me).
작년 5월에 한국에 갔었는데 그때 동생이 너무 심심해서 혼자 별다방에서 이책을 읽었단다. 내가 제일 좋아한 책중에 하난데 진짜 의외였다. 혼자 커피숍에서 한가하게 이런거 할애가 아닌데...ㅋㅋ. 암튼 정말 심심했나보다.

I was in Korea last May and my sister must've been really bored because she went to Starbucks just to chill and read. She read one of my favourite books, Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe. It's weird because she never hangs out at coffee shops by herself. I guess she really was that bored without me.
패션계에서는 꽤 유명한 Dsquared 쌍둥이 형제가 학교에 왔었다. 아마 학장의 인맥 때문이 아닌가싶다. Dean하고 Cain은 나보다 키가 작았고 목소리는 나보다 훨씬 높았다. 거의 탤래파시수준으로 서로의 말을 이었고 웃을때도 동시에 웃었다. 나는 어렸을때부터 쌍둥이 친구들이 많았지만 이렇게 똑같이 옷입고 행동하는 쌍둥이는 처음 봤다. 열심히 패션일 얘기할때도 그냥 Dean이랑 Cain이 신기해서 대충들었다 (어차피 별로 알찬정보는 없었음).

Dsquared visited my school not too long ago. It was probably through some connection that they came. Dean and Cain were shorter than me and their voices were a lot higher than mine. They were pretty telephatic together seeing that they always finished each other's sentences. They even laughed at the same time. I've always had a lot of twins around since childhood but Dean and Cain were an exceptional case. They not only acted the same but even dressed identically. I wasn't too keen on listening to what they were saying about the fashion industry because I was just busy being fascinated by them doing their twins stuff (they weren't talking about anything new anyway).

동생이 하는 조사(?) 따라서 멀쩡한 집나두고 하루 묵었던 배드엔 브랙퍼스트. 방이 조금 작았지만 빠른 인터넷과 큰 티비덕분에 그다지 심심하진 않았다. 야식을 과하게 먹어서 다음날 얼굴이 많이 부었지만.

My sister and I stayed at this bed and breakfast place for some research that she was doing. She we ended up staying over a night even though we live in the same city lol. Although the room was fairly small the internet was fast and the tv was big so the stay wasn't too boring. I did end up with a bloated face due to eating too much midnight snacks.

해마다 기대하고 갔다가 실망하는 아트페스티발 누이 블랑쉬. 은토끼랑 큰글씨간판들은 그나마 웅장해서 볼만했다. 월래 유럽거라 그런지 토론토는 뭔가 항상 아쉽다. 한2년전 부터갔었는데 분발은 커녕 점점 전시거리가 떨어지는 분이기다. 이번은 어떨지... 기대안한다. ㅋㅋ.

Ever year I go expecting more and get disappointed at Nuit Blanche. The giant silver bunny and the neon letter were the few pieces that were worth seeing last year. I'm not sure if it's because Nuit Blanche originated from Europe but the Toronto one is just not that eventful as they advertise it to be. I think they're running out of pieces to display because there was one guy who displayed himself as a piece. I was so confused! I think they need to raise the standards for the kinds of art being exhibited.

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