Thursday, October 20, 2011

Colourful Leaves and Crisp Morning Air

Autumn is very much bipolar in Korea. It's freezing cold in the morning and night and hot during the day. Sometimes the sun is actually scorching that I'm sweating by the time I get home from work. I try to layer my clothes so I can put on and take off whenever necessary but it's still hard dressing for this extreme weather. I guess it's better than having the temperature being freezing all the time. 
I saw these little statues on the way to the Canadian Embassy in Seoul. The play with the perspective really caught my eye and I just had to take a picture. Even when I was standing close the statues looked squished it was so neat! These little figures were definitely playing tricks on my eyes. 
I had this shrimp tempura rich dish and mini udon on the side at the Shinsegae Department store in Seoul. This was definitely a satisfying meal after walking for 20 blocks.
Fun shopping trip in Daejun with the girls :D
 One of the gym teachers at my school was handing out this lovely rice cake package. I don't know what the occasion was but it sure was a nice little surprise. They tasted good too!
 A newly built bridge that will reduce about 5 min from home to school. I'm totally down with that. It's pretty to look at AND it will save me time to work!
It's hard to tell in this photo but I'm actually wearing 3 layers of top underneath my jacket. I felt very warm so didn't want to take the stairs to my apartment on the second floor. Silly I know but I was feeling lazy and I didn't want to sweat anymore.

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