Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not-so-Gradual Changes

What seemed never-ending finally ended - the unbearable Korean summer. And now the temperature has suddenly changed from 43 degrees to 18 degrees overnight. Well, that's how I feel about the weather here anyway.
I've never been in Korea during this time of the year since moving to Canada. It's very interesting to see the seasons change. Obviously the daylight is shorter and the air is definitely different. It's much more crisp in the morning. I quite like it. I mean, how can I not? Especially after sweating so much this summer.
Overall, it's been nice living in my homeland again. And luckily, I haven't been homesick yet however I really did miss the turkey dinner back at home.
 Enjoying my fave mint chocolate chip with Cecilia :)
 Spicy chicken dish that didn't enough meat... tasted good though!
 My quaint little O-town (above). Coffee with rich black chocolate cake and very ambiguous flavoured mini macaron (below).

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