Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Dreary weather + sleep deprivation + starvation + stress = NOT FUNCTIONING HUMAN!
This past week has been extremely busy with midterms popping up left, right and center and trying to balance work and sleep which don't seem to go together. At the end of the day when I lie on my bed, I wonder how much longer I can keep up this hectic schedule and just hope for April to come faster. 

Today was my grad photo day. If you know a little about me, I absolutely hate taking pictures. I always look a) retarded b) smirky and c) absolutely retarded. For that very reason I DISLIKE taking pictures but I guess to commemorate the end of my excruciatingly painful four years, I decided to get them taken today. WRONG! Since I had only 3 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours my eyes were blood shot this morning! I looked like someone who had been high for the past couple of days! As I tried to frantically find some tear gel at my place I carefully caked on some concealer under my disgusting bags. 

So I go to school to find that there are a billion people who need their photos taken before me. All I have to say is that "C'mon you're not taking your family portrait here! It's a graduation picture! No need to bring your 12 thousand relatives!" Anyways 50 minutes later (yes, I wrote that right... 50 minutes) after the receptionist apologized for the long wait, I get into the gown shared by MANY others. So I don't know why my brain had to stop functioning right then, and there but it did. As she was trying to pronounce my very difficult legal name, I said "Thank you?!" I'm not sure what I was thinking... Thank you for what?!! Anyway she looked confused... and I was just as confused so I quickly hid in the photo taking booth. Oh well... doubt that I'll ever see her again. 

 Outfit #1: worn a couple of days ago... Club Monaco jacket, Joe sweater, Banana Republic Jeans, SUKRIS scarf, Joe Boots
 The weather has been disgustingly chilly... perfect for some soup! Turkey salad sandwich on multi grain bread with butternut squash soup. mmmmm~
Outfit #2: Today after a long day. Joe factory jacket, Joe shirt, Gap jeans, SUKRIS scarf, Joe boots

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