Thursday, October 13, 2011

Double the Posts, Double the Fun!

I, the sister (aka. "the roommate"), will also be contributing! From Korea! A little warning, you may salivate while looking through some images because there will be many photos of amazing food. That's all I seem to be doing in this wonderful country.
I hope to post frequently with lots of beautiful scenery, eatery, and of course, SHOPPING. Koreans call a fun shopping trip "funpping" LOL.
This is a very small portion of the beautiful Gyeongbuk Palace in Seoul on a scorching hot day. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see most of the palace because of the heat. I was already exhausted at the entrance gate.

 I love the traditional Korean architectural details. So rustic and ornate.
 A cute vintage pink dress at one of my favourite neighbourhood in Seoul: Samchundong.
 The white flowers are actually made of tissue paper. They're so delicate and pretty but so temporary. Think of what they'd look like after the rain!

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