Saturday, October 15, 2011


There are many times in my life where I just want to scream out freedom! I feel like we are tied down by so many different aspects of life that it becomes difficult for us to do something completely just for us. You live life only once... mind as well do something you enjoy.
Reading session with a hot cup of Earl Grey. Looks like I'm studying hard??! LOL I am reading lots of journal articles for an entrepreneurship class. At first I absolutely hated it because it made me think... and think A LOT! But the more and more I attend that class I am inspired to start something of my own. Not just to be my own boss but to share my vision with others.

This is what I wore on Friday. It HAD to be comfy because I was going to be at school for a long time and had to go to work straight from classes. Wearing: Vintage blazer, Joe Pants and Boots, Scarf and Bag from SUKRIS
 Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of this prior to its consumption... :( It was Maple Glazed Salmon with Steamed Vegetables and Potato, Broccoli Disks with non-alcoholic apple cider. It was absolutely delish! And all for a humble price of $4.99!
My mom also had her fair share of dinner with vegetable pasta and fish and mash??? aka mashed potatoes. Lovely time with my parents and major pow wow session. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend! 굳밤~

PS: For all you Baby Sitter Club fans out there... I saw a person who looked exactly like Christy's mom on the subway the other day. I REALLY wanted to ask... Excuse me... are you Christy's Mom??? LOL

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