Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The weather today was NG! NOT GOOD! It was cloudy for a bit and then started to pour and apparently for the next couple of the days it's going to stay that way. :( Oh well, school was pretty good today other than the fact that my classes were like the perfect lullaby. I say it every single day but I can't wait to graduate!

Since I'm on a monthly budget now (thought I should start managing my $$$ more effectively...) I can't go shopping or eat out as much I would love to. So I need to creatively source my clothes. Due to our impulsive shopping, my sister and I have accumulated heaping amounts of just crap! But not all that crap is bad... I went through the racks and bags of our vintage stuff and found a plaid blazer that my sister had been meaning to get tailored. The shoulders don't fit as well as I would have like them to but for $3, I'll take it!

 Carrying just a whole bunch of stuff... cinnabuns... mmmm I just couldn't resist them smell at the subway station.
This is a detailed shot of the plaid print.

So oddly enough the latest food trend on the band wagon of other food trends is Korean food. As you can tell from the 굳밤, I'm 100% Korean. I've grown up eating Korean food my whole life but it was never something that I was proud of. Within the last couple of months I have never talked to so many strangers and gotten to know the preferences of many by sharing Korean food and Korean culture. Something that I was ashamed of before has now become my best asset. It still needs a little getting used to but all I can say is that timing is everything. 

So I went out for dinner on Monday to have Korean barbecue. The weather was pretty nice and warm so I just wore a denim shirt and reddish orange boyfriend pants with my Chloe bag. Simple... no? I went to Yonge and Finch to have Korean barbecue and I must admit it was a bit of a culture shock. There were just too many of my kind roaming around the streets! So it's true... asians are dominating one city at a time. Everyone 굳밤!

PS: Note to my kind... it's rude to stare! Spread the news.

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